Cumbria Action for Sustainability learn the skills to make their own videos on a bespoke course with Eden Lighthouse

How to make your own videos

Ever wanted to make your own videos…?

Time was when making even a simple promotional film generally involved hiring in a professional crew, often at considerable expense. The shots were then edited in the traditional way by physically cutting and taping film together, a laborious process and that’s even before adding in the sound!

Roll forward to 2015 and digital video has now become a medium accessible to all. Increasingly we have the means to capture and edit own video content ourselves, and more and more of us are aspiring have-a-go filmmakers. With a bit of creative effort it’s possible to produce effective videos even on a pocket device such as a smart phone, and social media channels contain the results for all to see.

To get started with making your own videos, here at Eden Lighthouse we’d highly recommend making the most of the kit you might already have available. This includes the camera devices you’ll probably have already as organisations or individuals, and entry level editing software that will often come pre-installed with PCs (e.g. Windows Movie Maker) or Macs (e.g. iMovie).

Our latest 1 day video training workshop in Penrith saw the group of video novices divide into 3 teams to plan out their own video projects, developing ideas based on real communications needs for their local charity.

They then set up and captured the shots to tell these stories, using their own camera devices ranging from a DSLR to a compact camera and an ipad. Content was then uploaded to their existing desktop PCs that had come installed with Windows Movie Maker, and the teams edited up their material to produce very worthwhile videos for screening by the end of the day!

The real achievement in this is to complete the full video process – planning, capture, edit, and upload, all using the charity’s own tools available in-house. Doing so should give you and your organisation the confidence that you can produce a basic video, plus it also allows you to explore the tools you already have to the maximum, helping decide whether video is for you and if so whether you wish to invest in additional kit.

From the basics you can then build on the process to develop further video ideas. For instance these might include promotional videos to explain your organisation, products and services, introducing your team, or creating simple video blogs about newsworthy stories such as events and case studies.

Having these skills in-house allows you to expand your communication channels, and can mean that colleagues effectively become roving reporters, able to share details of their work activities in an engaging way as they’re out and about.

What could video do for you….? Find out more about our video workshops if you’d like to learn the skills to make your own videos.