Work to begin on real Eden lighthouse

We are really excited to announce that we have just got planning permission to build a real lighthouse here in Eden! It will be styled on the Green Cape Lighthouse in Eden, Australia, which not only is our area’s namesake but it has a solid style to withstand the Helm Wind and also mirrors the radar on Great Dunn Fell.

Nigel explains: “In the past few years since Eden Lighthouse began, many of the clients we’ve helped are in the tourism sector, whether accommodation providers or local events. It has inspired us to branch into a new venture ourselves and bring this unique tourist attraction to Eden.”

Nigel adds: “We’re often asked whether there’s an actual Eden Lighthouse, and we’ve even had people ring up to ask about visiting. Soon the answer will be yes! I’m very much looking forward to being a real lighthouse keeper.”

The new Eden Lighthouse will be in Appleby, and visitors will be able to climb to a viewing tour at the top, for unique views of Eden’s beautiful countryside, flanked by the mountains of the Lake District and Pennines.

We, the soon-to-be lighthouse keepers, are unperturbed by the fact that the landmark will be many miles from the sea. With rising sea levels, it’s not unimaginable that the lighthouse could one day guide local shipping, and in the meantime it will be a beacon for tourism in the area.

Construction is due to commence within the next few weeks, working to an ambitious schedule of opening this day next year.